I want to hire an employee how much does it cost?

The company matches Social Security and Medicare (2019 7.65%). The company will pay current Federal Unemployment (FUTA) and State Unemployment Insurance (UIA).

Do I have to pay payroll taxes or can you do this for us?

We verify and process all payroll taxes, so there are not missed deadlines.

How do I know where I spend my money?

We will meet and evaluate your Profit and Loss statement with you.

Which of the products that I make create the largest profit margin?

We can personalize your Profit and Loss by product or service to get detailed reports that you will be able to understand.

How do I know if my business is doing better than last year.

We will show you on a month by month basis and year by year basis.

In Quickbooks online how do I make sure my sales tax is adjusted with a return?

Make sure you use a credit memo and return the item.