*** My name is Ada Stone and I run a business called Stepnstones Childcare. Over the years I have had numerous book keeping consultants and accountants. To no avail, Ive always had issues until I switched to API Consulting. More specifically, Pam Omilian and Michele Dollar has been the most professional, kind, and honestly life saving consultants. It is without a doubt, I am am so lucky to get to work with amazing women.
As tax season is coming to an end, my business taxes were incomplete and on extension. One day before the deadline, my CPA reached out and confirmed he would not be able to complete them. This left me scrambling to figure out what to do, with one day left. Luckily, Michele had a life saving card up her sleeve and was able to expedite the process and have them completed that day. I am so thankful for her and the API team. I can’t put into words how amazing API is when it comes to serving its customers. I am am forever grateful.

Ada Stone
Step N Stones Academy
Step N Stones

*** As CEO of a data and analytics consulting firm I have worked with accountants at large and small companies. API is an absolute standout! They truly care about the success of their clients and go above and beyond to help get them there. They are some the best I have worked with.

Jennifer Bury
Assay Business Analytics Consulting LLC
Assay Business Consulting